Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Loss in Troy, MI Home

This water loss was the result of a pipe leaking on the first floor of their home, which leaked through the floor to this downstairs office. Luckily, the damage was not too severe and we were able to dry out the space. 

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The Importance of Protecting Your Belongings

In the event of a water damage in your basement or storage area, would your belongings be safe and kept dry? For most, the answer is no. These Lake Orion, MI homeowners experienced a water loss in their basement, however, most of their belongings were stored in totes and bins (as shown in the photo) so water could not reach them - in turn allowing them to save almost everything! 

Drying Equipment Placed at Rochester Hills, MI Home

We set drying equipment at this Rochester Hills home after the main level was affected by a kitchen pipe bursting. After drying out the drywall we had to remove the affected carpeting.

Water Damage in Farmington Hills, MI

Severe residential water damage in a home in Farmington Hills, MI. This water had been sitting so mold spores started to spread on the closet and doors, as well as the bedding. 

Water Damage in Rochester, MI

SERVPRO of Rochester technicians were called out to this water damage in Rochester, MI after a second level bathroom sink suffered a severe leak. All three levels of the home were affected, and required an extensive amount of drying equipment, including a floor mat drying system. There was large amounts of demolition and a detailed pack-out of the contents of the entire home. 

Water Damage in Troy, MI

In this older Troy home a pip burst on the main floor causing water damage to the main floor, the second level, and the basement. The damage was extensive because the damage happened a week prior to the phone call. The water on the main floor caused the wood flooring to buckle and some parts of the ceiling to fall. SERVPRO was able to dry out the home, demo the affected areas, and packout and clean the homeowners contents.