Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Moldy Contents Job in Home Store

When a homeowner came home from vacation to discover that their sump pump had failed, it was unfortunately too late for mold prevention. This 5,000 square foot basement was being used to run a department store and in order to make sure the environment could be safe and mold free, everything had to be packed out. 2,400 boxes later and many hours of cleaning, the job was complete! 

Large Commercial Water Loss

This warehouse was the victim of a large water loss resulting in the need of our emergency services. It was essential that we got there immediately in order to prevent their computer system from frying. Our crews were dispatched with all hands on deck, and their employees were able to return the next day to continue designing and testing crash dummies. 

Warped Floor From Water Damage

Warped flooring can be caused by water damage or even heavy moisture below the floor. The best case scenario would be to catch the water damage as soon as possible to prevent warping. At SERVPRO of Rochester, we use advanced technology such as the injectidry. In most cases, if the floor becomes warped it will have to be replaced and refinished. If you are worried your floor might be at risk for warping, give us a call today! 248-427-1500

Keeping Mold Contained

In order to start the demo in this home, SERVPRO technicians set up containment to prevent mold from spreading throughout the rest of the basement. This is an important step in the mold remediation process, especially in commercial buildings when staying open for business is key.

Injectidry Hardwood Floor Drying System

At SERVPRO of Rochester, we're dedicated with staying up to date with the latest and greatest technology in our industry. The injectidry is a specialty drying system used for getting to the surfaces that dehumidifiers can't quite reach such as hardwood flooring. Essentially, this equipment pulls out the moisture that gets trapped underneath the surface to prevent warping or buckling. Question? Give us a call! (248) 427 1500.

Secondary Water Damage

If water damages aren't attended to immediately, the risk of secondary damage significantly increases. Secondary water damage happens when the water has been sitting for a long period of time and saturates the air. This photo shows what can happen when the environment becomes too humid. The key to preventing extra damage to your home and belongings after a water damage is quick response in clean-up. Call us 24/7 for emergency water removal services (248) 427-1500.